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  • International logistics

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    We are a Logistics Services company, focused on providing 3PL, storage and forwarding service.​

    Our inventory system with easy access for our customers 24/7​

    We have a long experience with any kind of merchandise,  safety and on time delivery  “door to door”

    We consistently deliver your merchandise to yours customers.


    Distribution And Storage

    We have different distribution and storage centers, we serve any city or place to receive and forward any kind of raw material, equipment or finished goods to meet your needs


    Our experience in transportation includes ground and air shipments as well as rail and sea

    Merchandise Classification

    Experience in 3PL service, in handling different merchandise and identification of the same for import or export, according to regulations and permits applicable to their tariff classification

    Online Operations

    View your inventory and Operations online


    Door to door
    We take care all your logistics
    Legal coverage in the delivery of your merchandise
    National and International freight
    Carga Consolidation
    product distribution
    Distribution if required

    Wharehouse services

    Inventory Management



    VMI (3PL)


    Freight Services


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